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Welcome to CP5.8.8-irixAN

To use this mirror, point your config at

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Is the mirror you want not listed here? Just ask me and I'll create it for you.

How it works

When you tell to install, for example, DBI, it looks in the CPAN index (which it downloads from your chosen CPAN mirror) to see which is the most recent distribution to contain that module. It then downloads that distribution, unpacks it, looks to see if it declares any other modules as pre-requisites, looks them up in the index, and so on.

The normal CPAN index only contains the most recent versions of modules and distributions.

This mirror has its own index, which uses CPAN Testers test results to see which is the most recent version of each distribution to pass its tests on your chosen version of perl. It only lists known-working versions. This means that when you try to install a module not only will you get a working version of that module (if not perhaps the most up-to-date), but you'll also get working versions of all its pre-requisites. So, for example, if you're using the CP5.6.2AN mirror, and ask for DBI, you'll get DBI version 1.604, cos that's the last version to pass its tests with that perl.

There are also OS-specific mirrors, such as cpMSWin32an which only include modules known to work on that platform, and combinations such as cp5.8.8-IRIXan, which only include modules known to work on both that platform and that version of perl.

Finally, there are some mirrors with date/time-stamps in their names. These further restrict the mirror to only include those modules which were uploaded before that date/time. A mirror with only a date/time in its name, and no perl version or OS, will include any module uploaded before that time and which has at least one test pass. A full date/time will look like 2009-11-20Z101112, but if the mirror is as-of the beginning of a year or a month it'll be abbreviated to just the year or to something like 2009-11. For example cp2000an is a mirror of everything that was on the CPAN as at the beginning of 2000 and has at least one pass report, and cp2010-02an is a mirror as at the beginning of February 2010.

Of course, you can still get any other version (including bleeding-edge versions) of any distribution through this site. You just need to request them specifically such as TIMB/DBI-1.609.tar.gz.

If you need an even more customised repository - for example, if you need something that is compatible with perl 5.12.0 but with certain modules held back to earlier versions because later releases changed their interfaces - then I recommend that you set up your own mirror using Pinto. Base your own mirror on CP5.12.0AN and then customise it yourself.